About us

We are BigBro Games – young and ambitious PC and mobile games developers. Originated from the very heart of Russian Siberia - Novosibirsk, we're passionate about playing games and producing our own. The core team members have over 5 years of experience in GameDev, and they know how to do it perfectly. Since April '18, we've been busy with two major projects which we certain to win the hearts of the audience.

Burndown is a multiplayer PC project that will be ported to mobile devices after the initial launch on desktops. The game combines thrilling royal battles on cars and a variety of other game modes such as deathmatch and duels.

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Family Hidden Secrets is a mobile Hidden objects game where classical 2D scenes are integrated to unique and dynamic 3D map. Intriguing detective plot and deeply elaborated details of locations and characters give the game that charm which makes players enjoy every minute of playing.

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We are always open for talented professionals. If you believe your experience can be useful to us, please send all required information about yourself on our e-mail: careers@bigbro.games